OmG international concourse competition 

DonsDay is proud to announce our support and collaboration with OmG to host this event locally and internationally.


How will this work?

DonsDay will first host a local competition in which we will be responsible for collecting entries as well as judging. Only the top 6 in each country will be selected and submitted to OmG for the final judging.


Because of the nature of this competition, this will be a pure online competition - IE. a photo competition. Competitors will be required to build a car shell and submit build photos, as well as final photos. The shell has to be a new uncut clear lexan shell. Points will be given for style, creativity and overall appearance (judging criteria to be confirmed). Props can be used in the photo to better enhance the look of your shell but this will not be graded.


Rules are still being finalised at this stage but we would like to urge all of you to please promote and enter this event! 

Prizes include:

1st prize:
-D3-LP-BF07S EPIC sensored degrees motor
-ECSx2 120A + LCD setting program card
2nd prize:
-D3-LP-BF07S STRIKE sensored motor
-ECSx1 120A + program card
3rd prize:
STRIKE sensored
-ECSx1 120A + program card
VIP winner - OmG team driver for one year. Winner will able to get new OMG test products to test


++ Please send your submissions to comp@donsday.co.za ++

1. 3 Photos of the build including the lexan shell uncut and unpainted

2. 3 Photos of your end product (props are optional)

3. Details of yourself and the shell:

-Contestant name

-Cell no



-Car type

!! 5% discount will be given to all contestants who buy their shells from donsday.co.za!!! please ask about this upon ordering!!

SUBMISSION END DATE: 16 December 2015